Friday, October 13, 2017

Workbench vol.23: Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon (UPDATE 3)

Eurofighter in primer colors 

Eurofighter EF2000 Typhoon
Price (June 2013):
Out-of-the box, enhanced with resin details. Painted as RAF Typhoon in primer colors.
Aires late exhausts nozzles; Two Mikes resin intake covers; Eduard Remove Before Flight tags
1) Engine: Alclad aluminium, steel, jet exhaust and burnt iron; Tamiya flat aluminium.
2) Cockpit: Overall internal color XF53 neutral grey, highlighted with intermediate blue from Vallejo acrylics. Control panel painted flat Black XF-1 and drybrushed with modelmaster metalyzer steel. Details painted with various colors from Vallejo acrylics. Seat painted with Tamiya XF-1 flat black highlighted with modelmaster aluminium metalizer.
3) Fuselage painted with primer color XF-59 desert yellow, with some areas in XF-4 yellow green and XF-19Sky grey.

1)The sprues:

2) Extras:
2.1) Aires exhaust nozzles:

2.2) Two Mikes resin intake covers:

3) Construction:

Update 1:
a) Fantastic details on the Aires engine exhaust resin set:

b) Control surfaces painted in primer colors and panel lines highlighted:

c) Wings stations also painted in primer colors and panel lines highlighted:

d) Now the long work of painting and masking the fuselage:

Update 2: The fuselage is now painted in primer colors and most parts are ready to install.

Update 3:
- Gloss coat with future for applying the stencils. 

- After applying the decals, i used a flat coat of Humbrol varnish to seal the paint job.

- Then i started to build all the possible details that Revell made for this kit:

- I painted the engine parts with several different colors from the Alclad range of metallic paints. I also used Tamiya flat aluminium around the body of the engine.

- With so many details, i decided to display my model on a base. I used a large polystyrene sheet, ascribed the concrete details and painted with some artwork acrylics i found on a store close to home so i would not waste my expensive model paints on the base.


 Next you will see the finished work. Stay tuned!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Diorama vol.3: Normandy rest area: June 1944

Normandy rest area: June 1944
Miniart + Paiol modelismo fountain
Miniart kit US$20,00 plus shipping; Paiol Modelismo Fountain kit US$25,00 plus shipping.
Minart ki is injection molded. Diorama base is resin cast.
This is miiniart's kit U.S. soldiers at rest. The figures have fantastic design, with unusual design and lots of extra gears. As usual, the problem with this manufacturer's kits is the excess of flash, After cleaning however, the fit is very good and worth building. The fountain i got at our local ebay site ( It is resin cast kit and really well done. Painting was done with Vallejo acrylics for the figures and the base and fountain was finished with tamiya acrylics.